The Spares

The Spares rocked the North East of England for a short time in the early eighties.
They regularly played Newcastle venues The Cooperage and Balmbras with their simple uncomplicated brand of fast and loud punk/pop rock

Influenced by the Ramones and the Buzzcocks the songs, such as "I'll See You Again" and "I'm All Alone Now", were fast and furious and to be honest, all very similar.

A local music magazine - "Helter Skelter" - when reviewing the band said that "... The Spares only had one song which they played over and over again - the audience loved it". This was a little unfair, only two of the songs were exactly the same, the rest were all (slightly) different - but they did all share the same "Spares" sound.

The part about the audience loving it was true, a good Spares gig was a great night of loud and lively light hearted entertainment where audiences would drink, dance, sing and generally have a good time.

However, although it was true that when the spares were good - they were very very good, it was also true that when they were bad they were awful.

Eventually the Spares split and went their separate ways to bigger and better things.

Keith (by this time known as Keith Kosmic) and Norman went on to form the Sensational Spares with Johnny Jetset and Nigel Neutron. He then moved on to join thrash metal rockers "Sweet Trash" and the "Shotgun Brides"

Norman, after leaving The Sensational Spares formed The Game with Nigel and Richard. He has since moved away from Tyneside to deepest Northumberland and is still doing the occasional gig around the Ashington area with "Intermittent Blues".

Mick gave up live performance for the recording world and now runs Conrad Productions

After The Spares and The Game, Richard gave up live performance for a while but came back a couple of years ago as a successful international solo guitar/vocalist. (Yes, he played in both England and Scotland)



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