The Spares Family Tree -
The Presidents

The Presidents were

Tony (Mez) Mason - Vocals

Mick McGarr - Bass

Ed Summeral - Guitar

Alan Slater - Drums

The Presidents were formed when Mick and Alan left a covers group and joined with Mez to form a band to perform solely original material.

Several guitarists came and went until the line up settled down to Mez, Mick, Ed and Alan.

They had some pretty good material backed up by fine musical and vocal ability. They toured the usual North East (of England) venues and had some success - but it wasn't to last.

The original problem of finding and keeping a guitarist resurfaced when Ed decided to go.

Although they recruited guitarists "Nero" a Jimi Hendrix lookalike and soundalike, and Richard Knox from Spare Pair, the new line up just didn't gel and the band split.

Mick and Richard went on to form The Spares
Mez went on to sing with several bands, most recently - The Starfish

ed and mick



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