The Spares Family Tree - the Game

RichardThe Game were formed by Norman and Nigel in 1984 after the break up of the Sensational Spares.

The line up was completed after a chance meeting with Richard, and after a jam session at the Red House pub on Newcastle's Quay Side, The Game was born.
Their more melodic style was a distinct contrast to The Spares.

NormanThe Game sound owed more to the "Hard Rock" and "Progressive" bands of the early 70's than the punk bands of the late 70's.

They also moved away from the Spares' two minute pop song - one of The Games best songs - "Love Games (Live your Life)" often lasted over 20 minutes, the introduction alone was longer than most Spares songs.

Richard and Norman shared lead vocal and the interplay between Richard's (extended) guitar solos and Norman's flamboyant drumming backed up by Nigel's steady bass often produced excellent results.

NigelThey had some good original material, such as "City Lights" with Normans excellent voice-over during the "outro" and "Moses" with Nigels pounding bass driving the song on. They also did a few covers such as The Beatles "Saw Her Standing There" and Johnny Kidd's "Shakin' all Over"

The few gigs they did were all in the Newcastle and Northumberland areas, often supporting other Bands such as "Pin Up" and "The Architects"

The band were later joined by a second guitarist, Jeff (Henry) Watson. But split shortly afterwards.

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