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Arthur 2 Stroke were:

Arthur 2 Stroke: Guitar / Vocals
WM7: Guitar
Naughty Norman: Drums

Every Monday night, upstairs at the Gosforth Hotel (a pub on Salters Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne) Anti Pop delivered a fantastic night of New Wave music. It was mostly punk but there was also some mod/ska, a little thrash metal, and some that was just eccentric and bizarre.
The regular headliners were The Noise Toys and of course Arthur 2 Stroke.

The Noise ToysThe Noise ToysThe Noise Toys were a four piece punk band with some excellent original material such as "Pocket Money (Space Dust Junkies)" and "Walkin' Down the Road in my Second Hand Raincoat".



ArthurA2S were a three piece band doing a mixture of original material and covers (In an original way). A couple of their classics were "The Wundersea World of Jacques Cousteau" and an excellent version of The Rolling Stones "Paint it Black"

However, it was the guest bands that provided the variety. There would always be two or three local bands on the bill. Some were excellent and some weren't. A few of the good ones were:

Treatment Room
The MP's
The Beetles
Spair Pair


Arthur 2 Stroke and WM7 went on to form 'Arthur 2 Strokes Chart Commandos' and Arthur has also been seen on TV in the Viz Documentary. Naughty Norman went on to join The Spares.



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